DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The security guard shot and killed by an inmate at Miami Valley Hospital Wednesday was involved in a previous incident at the hospital in April, raising concern from his employer, according to public records.

Emails and an incident report obtained by 2 NEWS through a public records request show on the afternoon of April 28, Merchants Security guard, 78-year-old Darrell Holderman, was guarding a jail inmate at the hospital.

Holderman escorted the inmate, who was in shackles, to the restroom, according to the report. While the inmate was in the restroom, Holderman stepped out of the room to call his supervisor.

The report said during that call, Holderman turned away from where the restroom was visible. When he turned back toward the room, he noticed a man he thought was the prisoner walking down the hallway.

The report reads: “He approached the rear of the African American male and began asking him which room he was from and where he was supposed to be.”

That’s when, according to the report, Holderman realized the man was not the inmate, and he returned to find the inmate was still in the restroom.

The report also stated a witness observed Holderman was using a cane, and he was “unable to properly see” a phone number in his phone.

The hospital shared that report with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, which contacted Merchants Security.

In an email response to that incident, Merchants Security General Manager Nathan Burchfield said he was aware of the incident, and wrote, in-part:

“It certainly appears that Darrel is getting up in age and it’s time to start backing him down,” and, “He’s such a hard worker, but unfortunately his age and health are catching up to him.”

Wednesday, Holderman was shot and killed by jail inmate Brian Booth, who he was guarding at the hospital. Shortly after killing Holderman, Booth ran out of the hospital and killed himself.

2 NEWS did reach out to Merchant Security multiple times Friday for a response to the report and have not heard back.