MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDNT) – Open houses and home tours are coming to a halt due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Real estate agents are getting creative with how they show homes; however, buyers and sellers still have to have a certain level of trust.

Sara Mochniak is using Dayton Real Estate Crush to look for a home in the Miami Valley. She’s hoping to move from Utah soon but can’t see the homes herself.

“That is very tricky, I’m putting a lot of trust in the realtors that I have,” she said.

Elizabeth Cooper, founder of Dayton Real Estate Crush, says they’re offering their clients options like virtual tours, photos, videos and one-on-one tours with plenty of social distancing.

“The family can completely leave. No showings are happening at the same time anymore so you’re not going to have two realtors coming in at the same time. They’re really minimizing who’s coming through and then they can go back in and disinfect the whole home. And one day of showings is probably enough to still sell your house,” explained Cooper.

Cooper says the Miami Valley housing market is great for buyers and sellers now due to a need created by the Memorial Day tornadoes.

However, the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines are creating issues for some home buyers like Christine.

“The rates are really great and it’s an absolutely great time to sell because there’s so many houses on the market but people are really cautious about selling because they don’t want strangers in their home due to the coronavirus fears,” said Christine who has been house hunting for about a month and a half.