The Queen of Hearts has been making headlines here in the Miami Valley for weeks, and now there’s another one.

Hot on the heels of someone walking away with nearly $1 million in Beaver Vu Bowl’s Queen of Hearts last month, another group is offering the unique game in the hopes of seeing similar results, but for a different cause.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival has teamed up with 1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q to give back to first responders who provide everyday service and protection for the community.

Sixty percent of the final pot will be split equally among the Massie Township Fire Department, the Selfless Souls Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and the Cincinnati Search and Rescue Team.

What that means is: If you win, your payday won’t be quite as big, but you’ll be making a big impact.

Former Massie Township Fire Chief Don Fugate said this is an idea they’ve had for a while and now is the right time to give back.

“The Ohio Renaissance Festival has always been a big supporter of the community,” said Fugate. “They’ve done a lot in the past for the fire department.

“We discussed doing it last year, but unfortunately we didn’t have a 501c available to us and then this year one became available.”

The rules of Queen of Hearts are simple.

First, you buy a raffle ticket. Each ticket costs $5 and can be bought at 1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q Thursday through Saturday, 6-7:30 p.m.

On Saturday nights, organizers draw a ticket. The holder of that raffle ticket gets to choose a card from the board. If the Queen of Hearts card is chosen, that person wins 40 percent of the total pot, with the rest going toward the first responders.

If the Queen of Hearts isn’t picked, the pot rolls over to the next week. More raffle tickets are sold, meaning the pot continues to grow until someone wins.

The game started back in June. The final date is Sept. 28. On that last Saturday, organizers will continue to select tickets until a ticket holder finally picks the winning card.