DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Crews across the Miami Valley are getting ready for severe weather, whether it’s downed trees, power lines or debris. Hardware stores are also preparing for whatever might be needed in the aftermath.

Business usually picks up at Greive Hardware in Kettering when bad weather is expected.

“The first thing I’d get ready for is a power outage, so check your flashlights, make sure your batteries are fresh,” Greive Hardware president Sue Eckert said. “We can sell you stakes and staples, things to hold things down to the ground, and make sure that Santa Claus doesn’t fly away.”

As Storm Team 2 tracks potentially strong storms, Dayton Public Works is reaching out to crews on standby.

“Let them know, if this pans out the way its forecasted, we’ll likely be calling them in later tonight,” Dayton Director of Public Works Fred Stoval said.

Stovall said they’re not too worried about the city’s storm drains because leaf collection is ongoing, so Public Works’ main concern is downed trees from the storm.

Stovall said because the storm is happening overnight, Public Works asks the community to report any tree limbs or hazards blocking the roadway to them right away.

Stovall said don’t wait until morning, call Public Works at (937) 333-4800 as soon as you see any debris that need cleaned up.

“We don’t want anyone to drive down the street and there’s a tree in front of you,” Stovall said. “So yes, definitely overnight, we want to make sure that you call that in. We will be working through the night if necessary, if I need to bring people in.”

Dayton crews will be called in as soon as they start getting reports of any weather damage, with a goal to get the streets cleared and safe as quickly as possible.

Eckert said they have a lot of the tools and supplies people may need in preparation for bad weather and to clean up after the storm.

“We’ve got pruning equipment, handsaws,” Eckert said.

Eckert said this storm is a good reminder to also be prepared for when winter weather arrives.

“Even get the snow shovel ready and the snow blower, just in case because you never know what Dayton’s going to give you,” Eckert said.