DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County held a news conference Thursday afternoon to discuss updates to COVID-19 response in the area.

The Ohio Department of Health indicates that 49 positive cases have been reported to the state from Montgomery County, resulting in 11 hospitalizations and two deaths.

Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper says there are 216 businesses in the area that Public Health considers a “Business Under Investigation.” He says not all of these businesses are necessarily out of compliance, simply that they are under review until the department can make a final determination.

Find that list of businesses here.

12 businesses so far will receive an order to cease operations immediately, likely Friday morning, including some vape shops, private clubs, and pet grooming facilities.

“This isn’t easy for any of us,” Cooper said. “We understand the economic burden that it places on our community as well as our state, but our lives are more important than that.” He says the list of Businesses Under Investigation is likely to grow, as the department continues to receive calls on a daily basis.

Governor DeWine on Thursday announced that he would be extending the stay at home order until at least May 1.

“When we think about where we were just March 15 to now, it is definitely different,” said Mayor Whaley. “We know that people are getting very frustrated with systems that just frankly weren’t built for a time like this. I ask folks to continue to be patient as unemployment continues to ramp up, as we do everything in our power to prepare our health system for what is here in the Dayton region.”

Sarah Hackenbracht with the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association says the state’s decision to extend the stay at home order is critical in Ohio’s efforts to flatten the curve.

“Many of you may either come in contact with someone with COVID-19 or you may be a carrier of COVID-19,” she said. “So we need you to stay home, to stay isolated, to stay safe, in order to give our hospitals and our health care workers a fighting chance as that curve and that surge comes and hits our own community in the next month.”

She stresses that each citizen’s decision to stay home whenever possible and limit outside contact will save lives.

As of Thursday, there are 2,902 confirmed cases in the state, 802 leading to hospitalization. A total of 81 deaths have been reported.