DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Ohio Department of Transportation wants to reconstruct the Woodman Drive bridge over US-35 as part of a larger improvement project and public comments are now being taken.

ODOT said the project will also include the following improvements:

  • The eastbound and westbound US 35 off-ramps to Woodman Drive will be increased from two lanes (left-right) to three lanes (left-dual left/right-right).
  • The northbound and southbound Woodman Drive approaches to the interchange will be modified from three lanes (thru-thru-right) to four lanes (thru-thru-thru-right). The inside thru lane is an extension of the left turn lane to the US 35 on-ramps.

ODOT intends to reconstruct the Woodman Drive interchange as part of the multi-phase U.S. 35 improvements between Interstate 675 and Steve Whalen Boulevard Improvements at Woodman Drive interchange will complete the multi-phase project.  

Due to funding constraints, ODOT has concluded that a tight urban diamond interchange is a more practical design than the originally proposed single-point urban interchange. The RTA transit stop at Woodman Park Drive will be temporarily closed; users will be directed to the stop at Eastman Drive.

The public comment period ends January 1, 2021. Learn more about the project or make a comment on ODOT’s webpage.