CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – For 70 years, Price Stores was a Dayton icon, dressing people on the corner of Fourth and Jefferson. When businesses moved out and downtown became less of a retail hub, Price Stores knew it would have to move too.

“Our plan was to stay downtown initially. It just wasn’t meant to be,” said longtime owner Edd Wimsatt.

From 30,000 square feet to roughly 1,200 square feet, Price Stores is still getting settled into its new home at the Normandy Square Shopping Center on Miamisburg-Centerville Road.

“We’re still Price Stores. We’re still going to give you the best value we can give you,” said Wimsatt.

Moving out of downtown Dayton in 2020 to a temporary location before moving to its permanent spot in September 2021, Wimsatt said COVID -19 has had an impact on the men’s suit and formal wear store.

“It’s taken us a little longer because of the pandemic and shipping problems,” admits Wimsatt.

He estimates he has 25 percent of the inventory he wants to have in stock right now, but he credits the employees with helping keep the store going.

From customer to sales consultant, Tony Hartshorn joined Price Stores in the summer. 

“I was a long-term client of Price Stores. I mean, going back to being a teenager. You know, proms and first suits,” saidHartshorn.

He says online shopping has also presented an obstacle. “So many people are accustomed to just getting on their computer, ordering it, and it comes to their door. But they don’t get the service that they get by walking in a place like Price Stores,” said Hartshorn.

“When I first came, I had no idea I would be at Price Stores this long,” said experienced seamstress and tailor Frances Turner.

She’s spent about three decades with Price Stores helping to make people look good. “We still try to do the alterations, so the fit is pretty close to perfect. I don’t want to say I’m a perfectionist, but in a way, I am in how things fit and look on a person,” said Turner.

General Manager Joshua Singleton has also been a part of Price Stores’ long history. “I’ve been here for so long that I’ve had the pleasure of working with four generations of one family,” said Singleton.

Through all the changes and more recently, the challenges, people like him have helped keep the store going.

“We build relationships. People aren’t customers. They’re friends of the store,” said Singleton.

They’re hoping to welcome in familiar faces as well as new customers in their new space. They say it’s a different look and location, but the same value and service.  

“We’ve done it for 70-plus years, and we know how to do it,” said Wimsatt. “We call it Price Stores 2.0.”

“Edd calls it 2.0, I like to call it a better Price,” said Hartshorn.

Wimsatt said currently, he has about 200 suits on the floor. He says when he’s fully stocked, he’ll have about one thousand.

Price Stores is planning a grand opening celebration sometime in February.