DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Premier Health’s CareFlight team recently invested in technology that will help them better serve patients during the pandemic. That technology is called the P100 Tiger Mask, and is used to enhance the quality of air medical transports.

“Tiger masks are a high quality, aviation specific mask,” said paramedic and flight nurse with Premier, Molly Nickell. “It’s a half-respirator mask that has reusable P100 filters on it, and they actually go underneath of our helmet and have thicker straps and a built in communication inside of the mask.”

Nickell said the benefit of the updated face coverings is that they will provide much better protection for employees and patients aboard the flights, preventing more than 99% of airborne particles from spreading to others.

“We realized that putting a helmet on and off with the regular N95 masks in place, that the straps were slipping and we were easily breaking the seal. And so, they weren’t being protective.”

The new masks are reusable and better for the environment. Nickell said they’ll also free up more N95 masks for medical employees on the ground and heighten safety by eliminating muffled interactions between crew members and air traffic controllers.

“Actually, on the inside of the mask is a microphone boom,” she explained, “which then connects directly into our helmets.”

While the upgrade was costly, Nickell said Premier’s investment in the masks through their emergency fund is a testament to the character of the company and its commitment to putting the pandemic in the past.

“That just further [supports] the fact that Premier is truly dedicated to patient safety, patient care and.. the safety of their employees,” said Nickell.