DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– In honor of Father’s Day, a pair of orthopedic surgeons has become the talk of the town. Dr. Jennifer Jerele and Dr. Don Delcamp have started a tradition in their family, becoming orthopedic surgeons.

“Initially I didn’t think I wanted to be a surgeon but came back and shadowed my dad after my first year of medical school and realized just how amazing orthopedics was,” said Dr. Jerele.

A vision made possible all thanks to watching her father over the years, Jennifer’s journey led her down the same road as her father, through  medical school and now serving the Miami Valley. Don says the highlight of his career was when Jennifer started walking in his footsteps.

“Well of course I was very proud, you always hope your children will do better than what you’ve done and it’s an honor that they chose what to do after something you illustrated to them,” said Dr. Delcamp.

Both Jennifer and Don’s journey began in the Miami Valley as a family and professional careers. They may work in different hospitals but often overlap with patients, something Don says is always a great story to tell.

“I think every parent wishes that their child would do something well and have a good life or better life than what they’ve had, and I can honestly say we’re very proud,” said Don.

This time around, Jennifer says their Father’s Day honors Don as a father and a grandfather to her little girls.

“I couldn’t ask for a better role model or father, he’s been there to support me since day one which is fun,” said Dr. Jerele. “We’ve definitely grown together and it’s neat now to share patients, stories and then to now have him be the best grandpa for my girls.”