RICHMOND, Ind. (WDTN) — A prayer vigil was held in Richmond for an officer who is in the hospital “fighting for her life.”

According to Mayor Dave Snow, the vigil was held at 7 p.m. for Officer Seara Burton who was shot and is in critical condition at Miami Valley Hospital.

“Officer Burton is a brave young officer who put her life on the line daily so all of us could live in a safer community. Right now, she is in a difficult fight, and we are all fighting with her,” said Snow. “If you are privileged to know Officer Burton, you know she is a strong, resilient woman, and it’s her strength and your prayers that will give her the best chance to win this fight.”

The community came out in the hundreds outside the City Building in Richmond. Countless prayers were said, which is what those there said Officer Burton and her family needs right now.

“I think the community is showing support for an officer who is young, does her job amazingly and has a huge impact on our kids,” said Jamie Terhaar, who organized the vigil. “I think it means a lot for them that everybody’s coming together.”

Burton is a four-year veteran of the department and was recently elevated to the position of K9 handler — the first female one for the agency. She is in very critical condition after being shot in the head. The vigil was filled with people hurting for the officer, but wanting to spread love.

“Heartbreak, sorrow, anger,” said Debbie Hopkins, retired from Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. “A lot of negative emotions. Emotions, but also a lot of positive. The love of outpouring of this community, this support. It’s incredible.”

People who work with Burton said she is a bright light to the police department and an inspiration to all.

“I remember walking to the gym and just seeing her lift so much weight and just being, like, inspired by her,” said Richmond High School Assistant Principal Stephanie Baker.

Police Chief Mike Britt thanked the community and other agencies for their support. He asked for the prayers to continue those prayers for Burton, her family and the police department.

“One of my warriors was hurt and is in need of your prayers.”