MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WDTN) – The results are in, and while most say it’s still too early for Christmas, the time to celebrate is not too far away.

Last week, asked readers when it was acceptable to play Christmas music and decorate the tree.

Most readers agree it is acceptable to set up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, with 43.8 percent choosing this option. 44.1 percent said it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music at this point.

21.4 percent said you can decorate anytime in December, and 22.6 percent said it is only acceptable to listen to Christmas music after December 1.

There were a significant number of early elves, with 21.4% saying they decorate immediately after Halloween is over, and 22.6 saying they turn the Christmas music on once October’s done.

Finally, a jolly few said they love Christmas year-round, with 10.7 percent saying it’s never too early to decorate, and 8.6 percent saying they love Christmas music any time of year.