DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Two 17-year-old boys are dead after a shooting at a home in Dayton Wednesday night.

Police responded to a residence in the 800 block of Conners Street after a man called 911 to report that he had shot two people in his garage.

The 911 caller spoke with a heavy accent and you can hear the dispatcher telling the caller she is having trouble understanding what he is trying to tell her. Here is a transcript of that call:

DISPATCHER: “911 Where is your emergency?

911 CALLER: “Yes. I’m calling about (unintelligible) in my house. I have to (Unintelligible) it out.”

DISPATCHER: “What is in your house, sir?”

911 CALLER: (unintelligible) I had to shot two persons right here.”

DISPATCHER: “Sir, I can’t understand what you’re saying. Do you need police, fire or medics?”

911 CALLER: “Yes. I need police.”

DISPATCHER: “You need police, and why do you need police?”

911 CALLER: “I shot two guys. I shot two persons tried to rob…  to do something in my house.” (Unintelligible)

DISPATCHER: “Where are they at now?”

911 CALLER: “848 Conners Street.”

DISPATCHER: “Yes sir, I have the address but where are the males at?”

911 CALLER: “848 Conners Street.”

DISPATCHER: “Okay, but what did you do? You chased them?”

911 CALLER: “Sorry?”

DISPATCHER: “You said you chased them?”

911 CALLER: “I shoot two persons. They are with me here.”

DISPATCHER: “You shot them?”

911 CALLER: “Yes.”

DISPATCHER: “Okay. Are they…?  Just stay on the phone with me, okay? And they’re inside our house right now?”

911 CALLER: “Yes. In the… in the garage.  Well, (Unintelligible) in the garage.”

DISPATCHER: “They’re in the garage.”

911 CALLER: “Yes.”

DISPATCHER: “In the garage. And I’m just trying to clarify, you said you shot them with a gun.”

911 CALLER: “Yes.”

DISPATCHER: “Are they dead?”

911 CALLER: “…two person. Pardon me?”

DISPATCHER: “Are they dead?”

911 CALLER: “I can’t see because they… it’s dark. They are in the garage.”

DISPATCHER: “They’re in the garage.”

911 CALLER: “They are [on] the floor.”

DISPATCHER: “They’re on the floor in the garage.”

911 CALLER: “Yeah. Once again, my car. (Unintelligible) When the police arrive I am going to put in floor.”

DISPATCHER: “Where is the gun now?”

911 CALLER: “Pardon me?”

DISPATCHER: “Where is the gun now? The gun?”

911 CALLER: “The gun?”

DISPATCHER: “Yes. The gun. The weapon.”

911 CALLER: “Oh. I have it right here in my hand.”

DISPATCHER: “You have it in your hand. Can you put it away somewhere safe?”

911 CALLER: “Yes. I put on the floor.”

DISPATCHER: “You put it on the floor. Okay. Is there anybody else with you?”

Recorded 911 Call from Miami Valley Regional Dispatch

The Coroner was called to the scene shortly after police arrived.

Dayton Police say the teens were trespassing on the homeowner’s property when the shooting occurred. The shooter has been taken into custody for further questioning.

The teens have been identified as Devin Henderson and Javier Harrison, both of Dayton.

A car was towed from the scene, but police could not immediately say how the car is connected to the incident.

We are working to learn more about this developing story and will provide updates as they become available.