KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) — Kettering Police are investigating after a video of a woman claiming to kill a puppy went viral on social media.

The video, which began circulating on Snapchat Saturday, shows the woman hitting the dog several times.

Afterward, people became fired up on social media and contacted the police about the incident.

Police said no charges have been filed yet as they are trying to find her to discuss the post.

Kettering Police said they started getting calls from concerned community members on Saturday, Oct. 14. Multiple callers claimed a woman posted on Snapchat that she “killed the puppy.”     

Following the circulation of the video, one person also came to the Kettering Police Department to file a report that the woman in the video also stole the dog from her in March.

Speaking with 2 NEWS, that woman said that the puppy, an 8-week-old pitbull, was named “Baby Yoda.”

Kettering Police said they are looking for the woman in the video and plan to search multiple addresses she may be at to find her. They also said they are working to learn where exactly the crime took place to know if they are in the correct jurisdiction to charge her for the acts.

If she is charged, and police can confirm the incident happened in Kettering, she will be facing big charges.

“Kettering has their own city ordinances for animal cruelty, which can be up to a misdemeanor of the first degree depending on the facts of the case,” said Cynthia James, Kettering Public Information Officer. “If they can figure out what exactly went on, how the dog was killed, the theft in that regard, depending on how much the dog was worth, their state codes, that could make it up to a felony.

“Ultimately, it just depends on the true facts of the case. If they can fully investigate it once they can make contact with her.”