WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A multi-million dollar development plan was approved Tuesday night, changing the course of West Carrollton.

The City of West Carrollton has been working with developers Dillin and Woodard Development for more than two years to come up with ways to revitalize the community. Together, they want to bring new attractions and restaurants along its riverfront property, creating a Riverside District.

“We really need to change the way people think about West Carrollton,” Dillin President and CEO Larry Dillin said.

The plans include space for riverfront dining, townhomes, a marina, enhancements to the bike path and a whitewater rafting park. Additionally, an estimated 370 jobs will also be created. The river district would extend from I-75 to the existing businesses on the east end of West Carrollton, including El Meson and Ele Cake.

“It allows us to create a venue that doesn’t exist, not only does it not exist in West Carrollton, it doesn’t exist anywhere in this area,” Dillin said.

The proposed layout and initial plans to build an $84 million development were approved by city council Tuesday night.

In a release, West Carrollton City Manager Brad Townsend said:

“We purposefully acquired the 25 acres because the Mayor and City Council have had a vision and long-standing plan of creating a vibrant ‘destination location’ to support not only West Carrollton but, the region from both the north and south,” Townsend said.

Dillin said this project is part of a vision to transform West Carrollton from a place to pass through into a destination in the Miami Valley.

“We like to take a look at the fabric of the community, try to understand what’s there, and also perhaps what’s missing,” Dillin said. “How do we add to that fabric so that we can knit the fabric back together stronger and sustainable, for us, that’s what we get excited about.”

The two developers will now return to council in roughly nine months for the final master plan for its approval. The entire project is estimated to take anywhere from seven to 10 years to complete.