Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) – Fans of the Pizza Bandit food truck have something to look forward to. Owners say they’re building a brick and mortar inside the Yellow Cab Tavern.

The business opened less than a year before the pandemic began and had to quickly adjust to keep customers happy and safe. The hard work they have put in has enabled them to expand.

Brian Johnson, Pizza Bandit partner said, “At the beginning of the pandemic or right when it started we actually were only serving on-site and we retooled our model to offer carryout and delivery, so it was really an opportunity for us to adapt and figure out new ways to take care of our customers. So we kind of learned from that and grew out of that and we’re really excited for where we are going to have a brick and mortar.”

With the support of the community, they successfully raised almost $57,000 last April to help this project come to fruition.

Johnson said, “We’re very fortunate to have incredibly supporting customers, fans, friends, family, all of them coming out to help us out and keep this project going and get us to where we are today.”

With an increase in space, Pizza Bandit is looking to expand their menu when the kitchen is completed.

Johnson said, “With the new kitchen, we’ll be able offer a whole lot more food to people. We sell out consistently due to oven capacity, and we are excited to be adding stuff like calzones, and a bunch of new menu items as well.”

Owners said there is not a firm date to complete the project, but they plan to have it finished within this year.