PIQUA, Ohio (WDTN) — It wasn’t the Browns or the Bengals playing, but Ohio still played a major role in the Super Bowl. A company here in the Miami Valley is printing shirts to send all over the country.

Atlantis Sportswear in Piqua is making its mark with Kansas City champ shirts hot off the presses.

Work started even before Sunday’s game, pre-printing shirts for both teams.

“Last week we pre-printed to both markets–Philadelphia and Kansas City,” states owner Scott Reardon.

He and his crew were prepared for any outcome.

“On Friday we started prepping the presses. We had half our machines with Philadelphia and the other half Kansas City,” says Reardon.

As soon as the Chiefs defeated the Eagles Sunday night, they switched all of their presses to red and gold, and off they rolled.

Monday, Atlantis printed about 40,000 shirts, with about 55 employees on the floor to make it happen. Workers were busy during the early hours, but they have printing down to a process. Reardon started the company in 1985, first starting with resort wear, then expanding to the sports arena.

“I always wanted to have my own business when I was at a young age. I learned this. I started the company when I was 25 years old, and it means a ton to me,” beams Reardon.

Kansas City champ shirts will be shipped out to local retailers and big box stores all over the country.

“I really think we should be printing Cincinnati shirts right now,” laughs Reardon, who is actually a Browns fan. “I mean, I’m glad to print either team.”

The Kansas City champ shirts are already in some stores and online. As for the Philadelphia Eagles shirts they printed ahead of time, they aren’t going to waste.

“The team that loses–that doesn’t go for sale,” describes Reardon. “That goes off to a third world country like Honduras or El Salvador, something like that, for a charity deal at that point.”