MERCER COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – 15 dogs, from 7 months to 2 years old were dumped in Mercer County, and one woman made it her job to make sure they were ready to meet new families.

Sandy Gerdeman runs the K9 to 5 Doggy Daycare in  St. Mary’s, Ohio. She said a friend of hers sent her a Facebook post with a photo of 15 dogs who had been abandoned in Mercer County. While they were now in the care of a local pound, they were in dire need of grooming and attention.

“Their responsibility is to get them adopted out as quickly as possible,” Gerdeman explained. “Well, I said, ‘nobody’s going to adopt dogs that are covered like that.’ I said, ‘please, please let me do anything I can to help.’”

And so she was given 8 of the 15 dogs to help them make their best impression on potential adoptive families. But this task came with its own challenges. None of these dogs had ever seen a groomer’s table, and they were in very poor condition.

“We gave lots of love and lots of kisses.,” Gerdeman said. “We had two groomers working per each dog so that we tried to comfort them in the front while they were being shaved in the back. You know, we give love, we get attention, we scratch them, we just try to make that experience the best that we possibly can for them.”

Gerdeman said the dogs were covered in matted fur and feces, however, they were in surprisingly good condition under their coats. The groomers didn’t find any fleas, ticks or open sores as they worked. Still, the coats themselves had to come off.

“The dogs had to be completely shaved down,” she explained. “Sometimes we were able to keep a little bit of the ears or a little bit of the tail. But other than that, pretty much they had to be.”

The last of the dogs has now been picked up from her salon, but their story doesn’t end there. According to Gerdeman, the Open Arms Pound Rescue already has a waiting list for their adoption –and her name is on it.

Gerdeman does more than run a daycare and groomers. She also runs a program called Anything is Pawsible that helps provide people with fully trained service dogs, whatever their needs may be.

We just love the work that we’ve been doing,” Gerdeman said. “We’ve got some really, really special people that we have helped and some special people that are our trainers. So we’re just so fortunate to have this program come forth.”

If she gets to adopt one of the abandoned dogs, she will train them to be a well-loved, well-cared-for service animal for a family in need.

To learn more about her program, see the dogs currently in training or make a donation, click here.