DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Phone scams have always been a problem, but local law enforcement is sharing information on new scams to look out for.

Butler County and Clark County Sheriff’s Offices recently posted on their Facebook pages about phone scams surfacing in Miami Valley communities. Often these scams will impersonate law enforcement and ask for money.

In both counties, recent scammers called and advised residents that they had warrants out for their arrest, and if they did not pay, they would be arrested. The scammers use fictitious judge names, case numbers, and mention real Sheriff’s Office employees during the call.

The scammers will ask for money to be put on gift cards and then ask for the card number over the phone. Butler County law enforcement says the scammers will say phrases like “secure electronic voucher” and “run the card through an electronic kiosk.”

Local law enforcement does not seek payment over the phone or threaten jail time for refusing to pay, Sheriff Burchett of Clark County says.

Additional scams are circulating across other platforms as well including email and door-to-door solicitations. If something seems suspicious, contact local law enforcement.

If you receive a scam call, hang up or delete the number. You can also report the scam call to your local law enforcement agency.