DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Parents of students at the Rosa Parks Early Learning Center expressed concern and outrage Monday night over video showing a paraprofessional hitting a child.

Dayton Public Schools’ interim superintendent met with those parents to discuss what comes next.

Media were not allowed inside the meeting at Rosa Parks Learning Center, but parents who attended say they are frustrated with how the school district handled the situation.

Three weeks after the incident took place was when parents found out — a detail many are upset by, saying that Dayton Public Schools should have notified parents as soon as it happened.

The paraprofessional in the video resigned shortly after the video surfaced. Many were happy a meeting was held but left wanting more clarity.

“They can’t answer this question, they can’t answer that question,” Lottie Floyd, a student’s mother, said. “It’s hard to trust anybody when they don’t answer your questions directly, and they don’t. I know it’s pretty new, but for them to have a plan to come up with that, they should have had something already in place.”

School Board President Dr. Chrisondra Goodwine said the meeting was helpful for the district.

“I think we have a pretty robust system right now, but there’s always ways to improve it,” Dr. Goodwine said. “So that piece right there, there was a lot of feedback that was provided today. And I think our district is really going to take that under consideration. They really figure out what we can do to make sure parents are aware of things that they need to do with timely.”

Parents say they asked if the former paraprofessional would face legal consequences and are not sure if that is the case.