DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – After the school shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, parents are reacting and community leaders in Ohio are calling for changes to gun laws.

Melissa Harris lives in Dayton and has a 10 year-old-daughter. She said hearing about yet another school shooting strengthens the fears she feels every day she sends her daughter off to school.

“I’ve always had like this sense of unease when my daughter is in school,” Harris said.

Harris had her daughter within a week of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. She recalled, at the time, thinking that event would create some reform, but she said a decade later, not much has changed.

“It’s so shocking to me that after so many shootings and shootings involving children, we’re still not any closer to making being in public safe, safer than we were 11 years ago,” Harris said.

The latest school shooting in Nashville has the Ohio Council of Churches calling for an end to gun violence.

“Now is a time for us to come together across neighborhoods, across backgrounds, and work together to solve this problem,” executive director Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr. said.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) and Congressman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) responded Tuesday, and both said they want legislation passed last year put into action.

“We need to actually enforce the laws on the books that help us keep firearms out of the hands of mentally ill people,” Vance said.

“The administration needs to double down on looking at those provisions that have already been put in place, as to how we need to move forward,” Turner said. “We’re certainly concerned as to the effectiveness of those.”

Sullivan said lawmakers need to do more — by banning the sale of assault weapons.

“The only purpose of these weapons is, again, the massive amount of human carnage in the fastest possible way,” Sullivan said. “They have no legitimate use in our society.”

For Harris, she said no easy answer for what it will take to ease the anxiety of sending her daughter to school.

“My answer is when my kid gets out of school, that’s when I’ll feel better as a parent,” Harris said.

2 NEWS also reached out to Dion Green, who lost his father in the 2019 Oregon District mass shooting. Green said he and his organization, The Fudge Foundation, are in contact with Nashville police. He is planning a trip to Nashville to help with the relief efforts.