DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Clifford Owensby appeared in court Monday concerning the minor traffic misdemeanors of September 30.

Owensby was charged for a window tint and seat belt violation. He was found guilty of both traffic violations and fined $150 for each.

Judge Patricia Cosgrove presided, reminding those present that this trial was not to determine whether excessive force was used, but only to determine whether Owensby was in fact guilty of the traffic misdemeanors.

The City of Dayton called Officer Wayne Hammock to the stand as a witness.

Police said that Owensby’s windows only allowed 20% of light to pass through. The legal requirement is 50%. The officer also said he saw a 2-year-old child lying down in the back seat with no restraint.

On September 30, Owensby was pulled over by Dayton police officers. He says the officers told him he was pulled over for his window tint, but then instructed him to get out of the car so that they could search it.

Owensby said he could not get out of the car, as he was a paraplegic. The police officer told Owensby if he didn’t step out of the car, he would be dragged out. Moments later, the video shows two officers grabbing Owensby by the arm and attempting to drag him out of the car by his hair.

The city is investigating the officer’s actions in Owensby’s arrest. That investigation is expected to take up to six weeks.

Dayton Police Department released a statement on October 8, which says in part:

“We recognize that we would all like to see interactions between citizens and police officers handled professionally. We need to do better, and this can be done by further developing the mutual respect and accountability necessary to make our city safer.”