MIAMI COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — Several dogs are being fostered after more than 30 dogs were removed from a home in Troy.

According to our partners at the Miami Valley Today, Miami County Animal Shelter Director Robert Craft provided an update on the situation on Tuesday at the Miami County Commissioners meeting.

Craft reported that the former tenants of the home on South Union Street had brought two dogs to the shelter, claiming they had been found. Shelter staff allegedly noticed behavior from the dogs that indicated they may have belonged to the individuals.

Our partners reported that the following day, an animal control officer spoke with neighbors who confirmed the dogs belonged to the individuals. The officer went to the residence and reportedly noticed a strong odor coming from inside

No one allegedly answered the officer at the door and a blue card was left, informing the residents to contact the shelter. Craft reportedly said the residents did not reach out.

Miami Valley Today said that animal control officers, a Miami County Public Health Department worker and the landlord returned to the home 24 hours after an inspection notice was posted.

Craft reportedly said that no one was home and no dogs were in the residence at the time of the inspection, however, “the home was in really deplorable conditions.”

The Miami Valley Today reported that 27 of the 32 dogs in the home were signed over to the shelter upon the owners’ return, while the other five were seized as the owners refused to sign them over.

The total number of dogs that had been in the home is reportedly 34, which includes the two taken to the shelter initially as well as seven puppies that were a few weeks old.

Our partners reported that 14 of the dogs are currently being fostered while the others remain in the shelter.

The home has since been condemned and the former owners of the dogs are each facing eight counts of committing acts of cruelty — prohibitions concerning companion animals.

The Miami County Animal Shelter is accepting donations to help cover the cost of care. Those interested in making a donation can click here.