DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Making dreams a reality for others, that’s what one Dayton business owner is doing despite her own recent hardship. Two recent break-ins didn’t stop Tae Winston from opening the “Entrepreneurs Connection” on Sunday.

It marks the start to many bright futures. In one day, over 20 businesses celebrated opening a new store front under one roof, the Entrepreneurs Connection.

“My inspiration was just not seeing a platform for small businesses,” said Owner Tae Winston. “Most were stuck having to meet people or not have people see their vision, so I wanted to come together and put everyone out there so people can see how much talent is here.” 

The connection gives vendors the opportunity to jumpstart their business but also has a classroom available to teach business owners how to make their dreams possible.

“To get a storefront for many of us would be far too expensive, it’s not feasible,” said Owner of Simply Savory by Rachel Blanks. “Being able to have a shared space with other entrepreneurs gives us time for collective support, collective unity and looking at what’s happened because we’ve all been working together.”

For one owner, the coronavirus pandemic cancelled her wedding in 2020 so she decided to start her own business with the help from Winston.

“It’s been a crazy ride from cancelling plans to starting this business but Tae has been absolutely incredible,” said owner DIY. DYT Heidi Milne. “She sees our hearts, our passion from every single one of her vendors and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to open without her help.”

Recently, Winston has suffered from two break-ins at her other locations but says every hardship has showcased massive community support.

“I have a whole army, you’re not ever going to stop anything cause the whole city is behind me,” said Winston. “So what they’re doing won’t change anything, I have a whole army.”

Connection marks the third entrepreneur organization under Tae’s wing, but the goal doesn’t stop there. She says there are future plans waiting to be announced.