DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A pack of local Cub Scouts is asking for the community’s help after they were robbed.

The theft occurred last November when Pack 139 from Carlisle and Franklin held a fundraiser. Someone reportedly broke into the pack leader’s car, stealing $5,000 that the 24-scout pack had just raised.

“That was basically our entire operating budget for the entire year,” Jason Staggs, Pack Committee Chair for Pack 139, said.

“Not only our operating budget, but we also owe the vendor for the fundraiser that we were doing so it made us start the year out with a negative balance. We still owe the vendor 3,714 dollars.”

Pack 139 will be holding a garage sale fundraiser to make up for what they lost. They will be selling donated items on Saturday, April 15 at the Jason Masonic Lodge located at 100 Wells Bridge Drive in Franklin.

More information, including how to make an online donation to the Cub Scouts, can be found on the Pack 139 website.