DAWSON SPRINGS, Kentucky (WDTN) – Wednesday, December 15 marks the third day The Ohio Task Force 1 is working on tornado recovery in Kentucky.

The team has spent the past two days searching for survivors and assessing damages for the State of Kentucky, the task force said, and on Tuesday, Search Team Manager Brian Petry went on a helicopter mission to photograph difficult-to-reach areas. These photos will be used to plan ways to get to these isolated sections.

“The helicopter mission emphasizes the magnitude of damage in the area again,” Task Force Leader Jim O’Connor said. “Local authorities are still working on accessing parts of the community, highlighting the struggles this storm has created. While there are multiple struggles, the entire team remains in high spirits because of the determination and positive attitudes of the Kentucky residents they interact with each day.”

Tuesday also included supporting the Indiana Task Force 1 with canines and handlers for part of the day. On Wednesday, the team continued to search the Dawson Springs area.

OTF1 supported the Indiana task force with canines and handlers (Ohio Task Force One)

Back at home base, OH-TF1 Program Manager Evan W. Schumann said, “While we all acknowledge the performance and professionalism of the deployed Team, the Task Force is also proud and honored to represent all Ohioans in this effort. We are grateful for not only the financial support from the State of Ohio, but for the emotional support so many Ohioans convey to us daily; it is humbling, and very important to the Task Force’s ability to continue our missions.”