DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP) is reminding drivers to slow down, especially during wet road conditions.

Rain made its way across the Miami Valley all morning and into the afternoon. Live Doppler 2 HD tracked the showers, as they made their way out of the area.

Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP)

Friday on social media, Southwest OSP posted a photo alleging a driver on I-70 was pulled over by a trooper from the OSP Dayton Post in Montgomery County.

In the post, the driver is accused of driving 90 miles per hour.

OSP explained in the post that speeding in general is dangerous, but in hazardous conditions like the rain, it creates even more potential for dangerous incidents.

“Driving above the posted speed limit is never a good idea, especially in the rain,” OSP said. “Please #SlowDown & obey the traffic laws so everyone can arrive safely to their destination.”

No matter what the conditions are outside, you’re encouraged to drive slow. If you have your windshield wipers on, it is state law to also have your vehicle headlights on.