SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – We’re learning new information about what happened the night a Springfield man was run over by a police cruiser. Eric Cole died the next day. Wednesday, Ohio State Highway Patrol released the crash report.

Eric Cole was shot the evening of June 13 and laying in the road when he was run over by Springfield police officer Amanda Rosales. However, the Clark County coroner still has not released the official cause of death, which will factor into which charges could be filed.

OSHP Lt. Brian Aller says, “Oftentimes when we investigate pedestrian strikes, it’s very obvious. It’s apparent right there at the scene as to what actually killed a person or seriously injured somebody. This is totally different.”

The crash report OSHP released details the moments when officer Amanda Rosales arrived at the scene of a shooting and ran over victim Eric Cole with her police SUV.

The report shows conditions were clear that night, the road was lighted, and the surface was dry.

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Officer Rosales was driving 20 mph, and she was in control of the cruiser, it was not in an autonomous mode.

Additionally, under the “driver distracted by” section of the report, investigators entered “other distraction outside the vehicle”. OSHP will investigate the crash and send the findings to prosecutors and a grand jury, who will determine possible charges.

Lt. Aller says, “We have reconstruction units that are doing their part. Just to make sure we have all the evidence we can and to develop a really good picture as to what happened.”

But there’s another critical missing piece investigators still need. Lt. Aller says, “The one factor in this right now is exactly how Mr. Cole passed away or died that night. We’re not sure on that.” The cause of death will essentially show if Eric Cole died from the gunshot wound or from being run over.

We reached out to the Clark County coroner for an update on the cause of death but did not hear back.

The city of Springfield confirms 27-year-old officer Amanda Rosales remains on paid administrative leave during this investigation. The city and police department declined an interview request.