Chelsey Coe’s aunt is opening up about her niece’s disappearance after Miamisburg Police announced Tuesday authorities executed a search warrant at a home in Miamisburg in connection with the Chelsey Coe case.

2 NEWS first spoke with Jody Eversole back in September when Chelsey was first reported missing. She was hopeful Chelsey would be found alive. As of Tuesday night, she says that hope is diminishing.

“You’ve kind of known all along in your heart,” Eversole said. “What it could be.”

Eversole struggling to cope after learning Tuesday morning her 25-year-old niece Chelsey Coe may no longer be alive.

“When you hear that they’re there,” Eversole said. “And they’re looking and they’re digging the hope is kind of gone. You’re lost almost. Because you don’t have that anymore.”

Eversole says Chelsey is warm-hearted, with a kind soul and a bubbly personality, but acknowledges she had her struggles.

“I’m afraid that Chelsea’s addiction led her to dark places and that someone hurt her.”

Eversole last saw Chelsey in March when her father, Eversole’s brother died from a heroin overdose.

She worries his death sent her into a downward spiral. She’s also convinced someone knows what happened to Chelsey.

“The person that did this to her has been walking,” Eversole said. “Around as if nothing has happened and she may not be the only one.”

Chelsey’s case is linked to the cases of 5 other missing women who’ve all disappeared within a 35-miles radius. Tuesday, investigators executed a search warrant at home in Miamisburg.

Eversole says the home’s address is where Chelsey may have once lived, but Police are not confirming any details.

“To know maybe that we can find out how this happened,” Eversole said. “We’ll get answers that we may have never gotten before and that’s good, but it’s hard. The truth is hard sometimes to face.”

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is investigating the cases of some of the missing women. We reached out for an update Tuesday morning, but we have not heard back.