DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The former Sears building at the former Salem Mall has been listed on an important list.

Built in 1966, the former Sears & Roebuck location at 5200 Salem Ave. in Trotwood, is now registered with the National Register of Historic Places. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the National Park Service approved the site for it to be labeled as historical.

With the site being named a historical site, the property is subject to increased recognition and visibility. Eligibility for rehabilitation tax credits on both state and federal levels is also a perk for the Trotwood property.

“We thank our partners and supporters of this effort, like the Funk Center and the
Trotwood Historical Society,” said Chad Downing, executive director, Trotwood CIC. “This designation will allow us to pursue additional funding through state and
federal historic tax credits, which will expand the resources we can bring to make this
an impactful redevelopment of a building with many memories in the region.”

Redevelopment plans for the former Sears location is underway. If anyone would want to alter or demolish the building, a permit would have to be finalized and approved. The new historical status gives the building more protection than others, since the National Park Service recognizes it.

The Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation (TCIC) is the current owner of the property.