DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Both teams from Ohio Task Force 1 have arrived in Florida. They said Friday has already been incredibly busy. Right now, their priority is wide-area searches.

“Cell service is really spotty so a lot of people we met, they were really stressed having not spoken to loved ones, letting them know they’re alright.” said OTF1 Rescue Specialist Michael Wall.

Lieutenant Michael Hall with Huber Heights Fire Division is also a Rescue Specialist for Ohio Task Force 1. He was deployed to Florida last Saturday and said the team has saved dozens of survivors from rooftops and more.

“We’ve been driving through areas that haven’t been touched yet, most often the first point of contact for some people,” said Hall.

2 News caught up with Neil Black, retired WDTN Photographer who has been stranded alone in Fort Myers for several days. Our phone call kept failing and made it impossible to talk, but he was able to send this message:

“We have no electric, no water, crappy cell service, and no internet. Nobody is telling us anything. We don’t know when we’ll have electric or water, no Red Cross, no fire, no police, nothing.”

Troy Resident, Robert Dixon, was visiting his niece in West Palm, which was out of the hurricane’s direct path. Several days after the storm hit, he considers his family incredibly lucky.

“Yeah we missed everything, we got heavy rain and some scary winds, but we missed everything,” said Dixon.

As Florida begins to put the pieces back together, Ohio Task Force 1 said the next plan is helping the recovery process.

“If they need us to, we’ll go back and search again to make sure we don’t miss anything, obviously, but that way we can also spend more time with the people and fine-tune the needs they have,” said Hall.

Ohio Task Force 1 is expected to be activated for 14 days.