DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – While donations continue to pour in across the Miami Valley for Kentucky tornado victims, Ohio Task Force 1 (OHTF1) is continuing their recovery efforts for our southern neighbors, focusing their time in some of Kentucky’s hardest hit areas.

On Monday, OHTF1 spent much of their first day working in the southwest area of Graves County. “Dawson is also a very hard hit area, very rural. They have been working in Dawson Springs yesterday and into today, reportedly still people unaccounted for,” said Ohio Task Force 1 Public Information Officer Phil Sinewe.

Sinewe says OHTF1 has teamed up with Indiana’s Task Force 1, and is also working alongside the Kentucky National Guard doing wide area searches. “The area they were working in yesterday, Southwest of Mayfield. The area they’re working in now, northeast of Mayfield, is a 70 mile drive. That entire 70 miles is basically devastated area,” said Sinewe.

The OHTF1 team of 45 is working mostly 12 hour day shifts, and is staying in Murray State University dorms. Even with everything going on, Sinewe says the team is still upbeat and ready to help in any way they can. “It’s actually very invigorating for them to get out, help the community, have interaction with people where they can help them move forward.”

Although plans are subject to change, Sinewe says the plan is to keep the team in Dawson Springs Wednesday as well.

“We should all keep these people in our thoughts and prayers. A fair amount of these people are probably financially challenged in the first place you know insurance and stuff like that. So, they have a tough road to travel through in the next many months.”