DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – On Thursday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced $11 million dollars in grant money will be going towards school safety.

The funding comes from House Bill 110 and can be used by school leaders for safety planning, classroom and training programs. Public, charter, educational service centers, STEM and schools run by county boards of developmental disabilities are able to apply for the money. Each school is eligible for a grant of $2,500 or $5.50 per student, whichever amount is greater.

This is money that West Liberty-Salem Local School Superintendent Kraig Hissong says is heavily needed here in Ohio. In 2017, a student at West Liberty-Salem High School brought a gun to school and began shooting. Though no one died that day, one student was shot and injured.

“We’re a small rural community surrounded by cornfields. It’s just kind of the last thing you think is gonna ever happen,” said Superintendent Hissong.

Superintendent Hissong credits the active shooter training students and faculty had completed for why no lives were spared that day. “The day we had our school shooting it was how our students responded. Just how well our staff and students protected themselves that day. Without having to be told to by school administration.”

This school safety grant comes just days after a student shot and killed four classmates in Oxford, Michigan on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Attorney General Dave Yost released a statement on the school safety grant which said, “Having a safe environment for learning is crucial for our children. These funds can go a long way in offering that protection.”

At Fairborn City Schools, Superintendent Gene Lolli said this grant will be extremely helpful to Ohio school safety. “It’s imperative that we do get these dollars from the state of Ohio, and that we put it to good use,” said Superintendent Lolli. “We constantly have training. We constantly remind students and staff about safety.”

Both Superintendent Lolli and Superintendent Hissong say they plan on reviewing the school safety grant further and applying for their districts. The funding will be available for Ohio schools during the 2022-2023 school year.