DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio nonprofit FASTER Saves Lives was created by safety and medical experts, law enforcement and concerned parents. In the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas, they say the time for action is now.

“Give these teachers an option and give them the training and tools so they can live for the kids or die for the kids,” said Program Director Joe Eaton.

Ohio’s FASTER Saves Lives program has trained over 300 districts across 18 states to prepare schools on how to respond to violence. Eaton said schools are a target for two reasons.

“They are soft targets and it gives the killers the notary they seek,” said Eaton. “We need to stop giving these killers the notary because that’s a lot of what they seek. There’s a campaign that we fully support, quit using their photos, quit using their names, focus on the victim side of it.”

Over a three-day course of training, schools will understand how to control large chaotic crowds, how to maneuver in the halls, steps to prepare for law enforcement’s arrival and learn trauma medical response training. The training exceeds the requirements of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

“Once the killing stops, you can immediately start saving lives and when the professionals get there, you actually have patients to transfer instead of victims, that’s how we save lives,” said Eaton.

Eaton said emergency response training isn’t for everyone, but if we expect change, the time to act is now.

“If your only plan is to wait on outside help, that’s no longer acceptable,” said Eaton. “If it is, we’ll never get better than what we did at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The police arrived in less than three minutes and we still lost 20 babies that day. You can’t ask for a faster response time, so we need to change it and we need to change it now,” said Eaton.

Training through FASTER Saves Lives is completely free for school districts, to learn more about their programs, click here.