DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Local and state leaders converged in Dayton on Tuesday, as the second ever Mayors Alliance Conference brought out mayors and lawmakers from across the state to discuss plans for the future of their cities.

Bob Stone, the mayor of Beavercreek, was among the dozens of mayors and lawmakers from across the state that attended the meeting.

“It’s been important for us to strengthen the working relationship that we have with our state legislators and our federal partners,” Stone said. “In fact, this is one of the primary reasons we came together today, and frankly, the reason we formed this group back in 2016.”

The alliance compromised of the 30 largest cities in Ohio, including the state’s capital.

The mayor of Columbus, Andy Ginther, says meetings like this are important to see eye to eye with other mayors and lawmakers.

“It was a great way today to me directly with state legislators who may be from more rural, exurban township areas of the state that have a better understanding of what our cities are facing now by being together, having a conversation, not either shouting at each other or pointing fingers or passing each other in the hallways, but actually sitting around the table and talking about ideas, talking about the things we’re seeing.”

Leaders tackled issues like housing, youth development, transportation and a particular focus– lowering gun violence.

The first meeting for the conference happened in Cleveland last year. Dayton Mayor Jeffery Mims, Jr. says he’s honored that Dayton is the host this time.

“Especially being mayor of the great city of Dayton, Ohio, and having this happen, have my colleagues across the state of Ohio come together to talk about common problems and issues and how we can find solutions,” Mims, Jr. said. “You know, just great opportunity.”