DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton saw a record rainfall on Friday, and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency is providing tips on how to stay safe during flooding.

Sima Merick, Executive Director of Ohio Emergency Management Agency, said that you should ensure that rising waters can turn into a dangerous situation quickly.

“Never drive around barricades or drive into flooded roadways,” Merick advised. “You never know how deep that water is and what the water does to the underpinning of the road, so it could be washed away.”

She said that you should make sure that the drains near your home are clear of debris. Additionally, you should have an emergency kit ready to go, just in case.

“You should have some things readily available to you,” Merick said. “A charged phone, a charger, a way to communicate and just have that idea of what you would do if you had to leave your home quickly, and how you would get ahold of your loved ones to meet up in a safe place. That would go for any severe weather.”

Merick added that if you are in an emergency situation, you should call 911 and try to identify your location as succinctly as possible, to help first responders locate you.