DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Jefferson Township Neighborhood Environmental Committee (JTNEC) has announced a hotline to report bad odors relating to a local wastewater facility.

“It’s not just the smell of it but the impact of the environment happening to residents here,” explained Jefferson Township Administrator Dr. Chrisondra Goodwine. “If you look around here, there are multiple houses within walking distance of the facility. There are daycares with outdoor play who cannot escape it because it is airborne. This is a peaceful place to live, and the individuals deserve a quality of life.”

According to a release, the JTNEC partnered with the Advocates for Basic Legal Equality to announce that residents could report any odors caused by the Valicor Environmental Services facility. This wastewater processing facility was formerly known as the Clean Water Environmental Facility.

The release states that the facility was a source of “significant air pollution” a few years ago, and residents sued, resulting in multiple controls and an odor hotline. According to the release odors and emissions have once again increased, causing problems for residents around the facility.

“When you come into the neighborhood or environment, you are a part of this,” Goodwine said. “We have a social obligation to each other; every business here is part of this ecosystem. Their obligation is not only to produce what they are doing but to do it in the safest way possible.”

Neighbors in Jefferson Township can call 937-268-0522 to report any problems. These reports will be sent to regulators and the company for solutions.

“I think we should work together as a team,” said Sheila Back, a Jefferson Township trustee. “The community is tight-knit, and we want to keep everybody healthy and safe.”