Video features March 4 coverage of Springfield train derailment.

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio senator Sherrod Brown has announced Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the train derailment in Springfield earlier this year, has reimbursed the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

The reimbursement, totaling more than $87,000, will pay for the expenses when responding to the March 4 derailment.

The sheriff’s office provided emergency services following the 28 cars of the 212-car train that derailed.

“It is great news to hear that Sheriff Burchett’s office has finally been paid in full – but it is inexcusable that it took over five months for Norfolk Southern to reimburse the local agencies for the mess caused by Norfolk Southern’s negligence,” Brown said. “I will continue to hold Norfolk Southern accountable and work to advance policies to help prevent further damage and potential injuries in the future.”

Last week, Senator Brown called out Norfolk Southern’s CEO demanding that Ohio taxpayers not be forced to foot the bill.