VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — As homecoming season has wrapped up for schools, one local woman is asking for girls to donate their old dresses. 

Second Dance is a nonprofit organization that collects old homecoming and prom dresses, recycles them, and gives them to girls in need. 

Angela Cupp launched Second Dance in September.

“I loved going to my dances, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a girl not being able to go because she couldn’t afford those things,” says Cupp. 

Using a room above her church, the Vandalia United Methodist Church on South Dixie Drive, she collects and stores unwanted or gently used formal dresses. 

“They have a space where the young ladies can go and try on the dresses too before they decide which one to take home,” says Rev. Michael Malcosky, Pastor of Vandalia United Methodist Church.

After putting a callout for donations prior to launching the nonprofit, within just a couple weeks, she had more than 100 dresses. 

“And then people were bringing shoes, and I had an elderly lady here in the church with all of these vintage evening bags,” says Cupp. “I had a lady show up at my house Saturday morning, handed me a box, and inside of it were four brand new dresses–tags were still on it, and they were beautiful.”

Any girl can come to get a dress from Second Dance—no questions asked. 

“I didn’t have any daughters; I had all sons,” says Cupp. “Being able to watch these girls, especially they walk out here, and they hit the mirror, and it’s that magic moment when they see the dress that oh they love it. And it’s the look on their faces–it’s unforgettable to see how happy it’s made them.”

Cupp is collecting all styles and all sizes of dresses from zero to plus size. 

To donate, you can call 937-543-8854 or drop off donations at the church.