WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — A grand jury heard evidence relating to a case involving a former Lebanon Division of Police Officer.

According to a release from the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office, a grand jury heard a case involving former Officer Eric Holmes of Lebanon police.

The release said Holmes was under investigation for events that took place from 2018 until February of 2022. Holmes allegedly issued verbal warnings to 140 motorists for various traffic violations, however, when the stops were completed Holmes would submit written traffic citations to police for internal recording. Holmes would dispose of the duplicate copies of the citations that would usually be given to motorists and filed with the court. Motorists were never made aware of any citations and never faced repercussions from the court or the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

After conducting an internal investigation, Lebanon police requested that the Warren County Sheriff’s Office conduct a criminal investigation.

It was decided that there was no evidence that Holmes received any benefit from his actions, said the release. Lebanon police does not have a quota system for its officers and Holmes did not receive any compensation or promotion due to his actions.

Holmes has resigned from the Lebanon Division of Police and no charges have been given.