DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton’s city leaders are working to rebuild parts of the community which were hit by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. In a Wednesday morning meeting, Dayton City Commissioners unveiled a new plan called “The Northeast Dayton Neighborhoods Vision Plan.”

Multiple groups and organizations across Dayton are working on a vision plan to help revitalize the areas which were struck by tornadoes 2 years ago. The plan runs from Kitty Hawk to Eastern Hills, renovating and updating areas in Old North Dayton.

“This is a effort to provide that vision again, or dream up some things that could happen,” said President of Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association Matthew Tepper.

City leaders say planning for the vision began before the pandemic, which allowed in person meetings to discuss future goals before lockdown.

“The main themes through out this plan are to support local and ethnic businesses, connect neighborhoods to rivers and open space amenities, improve gateways, and build new housing options,” said City of Dayton Urban Planner Jeff Green.

The plan is divided into 3 different areas, North of The Mad River, South of The Mad River, and open space in River Corridors. “People came back after the tornado, saying this is how it was, this is what it is now, and this is what I need it to be in the future,” said Tepper.

The Northeast Dayton Neighborhoods Vision Plan will be discussed again at the next City Commission Meeting, where a vote will occur on if to move forward.