TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – New Troy Police Chief Shawn McKinney, who was promoted to the position on Saturday, said his priorities for the department will include furthering community engagement, helping officers deal with stress on the job and acquiring body cams for the department.

McKinney said he expected the department to acquire bodycams in the near future. The department has been seeking grants and talking to different vendors

“We’ve met with three separate vendors here recently,” McKinney told “We are looking for grants and other funding sources. It looks like something that will happen sooner rather than later.”

McKinney is from New Carlisle and is a Tecumseh High School graduate. He majored in criminology and criminal justice at Ohio State. He completed a 10-week leadership school at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Leadership School in 2019.

Troy Police Chief Shawn McKinney (Photo provided)

He was promoted to sergeant at Troy in 2004 and made captain in 2015. McKinney said when he started his police career he had dreams of being the head of a department at some point but said he quickly put those thoughts behind him once he got on the job. It wasn’t until he talked to some of his fellow officers when he was promoted to captain that he realized it might become a possibility.

“One of the officers that recently retired, I went to the police academy with,” McKinney said. “He remembered me saying I’d like to rise through the ranks someday and lead the organization. But when you do the work and get involved, I would have been perfectly happy retiring as an officer, or a sergeant or a captain.

“When I was promoted to captain in 2015, there were three of us. We were talking that at some point the chief would retire and it started to seem like a possibility.”

The department has been working the last week to renew its CALEA accreditation (Commission for the Accreditation for Law Enforcement). Troy has had accreditation from the group for several years, which helps the department improve best practices and can reduce liability, which is a break for taxpayers.

McKinney’s first official appearance as chief was at the Unite Miami County event at Treasure Island on Saturday. Former Hamilton County Judge Tracie Hunter spoke at the event. McKinney, who was also at the George Floyd protest in Troy in June, said he plans on deepening the department’s ties to the community.

The department has had an auxiliary program for years. Some officers have been hired from the program once they earned licensing from the state, though McKinney said that hasn’t occurred in a while. He said he’d like to see Troy get more active with National Night Out and institute a Citizens Police Academy.

“Maybe we can have the academy and do it at different community centers other than the department,” McKinney said. “I would like to bring that back. The auxiliary has seen better days as far as the number of volunteers. I would like to see it revived and more emphasis on it.”

McKinney said he will be sworn in as chief publicly on Thursday.