DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Thanks to self-checkout, supermarkets anticipate thousands of turkeys will be smuggled out of their store this thanksgiving – but new technology is aiming to stop that.

Malloy Kundu of Stoplift Checkout Vision Systems targets turkey thieves at self-checkout thanks with “Stoplift.”

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze overhead video and spot un-scanned items and alert the attendant in real time.

“The people know how to beat self checkout never scan it may leave it in the cart and never take it out,” Kundu said. “It [Stoplift] takes video snippet sends to wrist device worn by self checkout attendant.”

It can also flag loopholes in the weight-based security system, such as ringing in a turkey as bananas.

It stops another problem the industry calls “sweethearting,” when a cashier slips items by the scanner for a friend or family members.

“Analyzing video comparing against data from checkout and identifying when items haven’t been scanned,” Kundu said.

The artificial intelligence can also help prevent false alerts at self-checkout, such as when you accidentally set a handbag in the bagging area.

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