DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new service is targeted at people 55 and older to help them navigate the journey of aging, and it’s only in Ohio.

The service is called AAA HealthCONNECT.

The idea came about in 2019 and began as a collaboration between AAA and ProMedica to help serve needs and fill gaps for those 55 and older.

AAA HealthCONNECT launched in Toledo in March. It launched in the Dayton and Cincinnati regions at the beginning of April.

“This has not existed for people over the age of 55. They are severely underrepresented, quite frankly,” said CEO and President of AAA HealthCONNECT Kathleen Krueger.

AAA HealthCONNECT is a 24/7 one-stop shop full of resources, information, checklists, products, and services catered specifically to the 55 and up age group. It covers everything from complex and sometimes overwhelming topics like Medicare, retirement, social security, and caregiving – to much simpler questions.

“They might be looking for some lawn service in their area, and they like us to do the work of vetting and identifying lawn service companies,” said Krueger. “Or you have a day with grandkids. What are some ideas you can do with grandkids, and what do I need to think about? What are some ideas I can do with them?”

While Medicare and financial planning are at the top of the list, AAA HealthCONNECT also helps those 55 and older with their physical health and fitness.

“Everything from yoga to cardio to really high-end fitness routines, but again curated, to the target market,” said Krueger. “All the way through to somebody who might have some health ailments and is more likely to do a chair routine as opposed to a cardio routine.”

By phone or through the internet, members can connect with a live team to help them with life’s transitions. They can ask experts questions about medical concerns as well as how to help care for an aging loved one.

“This should be an easier time in your life. Not a more challenging time,” said Krueger.