WEST CHESTER, Ohio (WDTN) — A group of senior citizens traveled to West Chester to have a little fun.

Some residents from Otterbein SeniorLife spent a part of their Wednesday at Archery Arena. The group divided into two separate teams and spent about an hour having fun with Nerf guns.

As a part of the fun, the seniors were able to hold Nerf guns and shoot the foam bullets. The game had a lot of people moving out of the way from being hit by the Nerf bullets and trying to win for their team by attempting to shoot the residents from the other team and get them out.

The purpose of Wednesday’s game was to see who could be the last person standing without getting out by a member of the opposite team. A lot of laughter is said to have been happening during the game, which made it more fun.

Senior Nerf War (Courtesy: Otterbein SeniorLife)

The venue host at Archery Arena talked about how a 94-year-old member of one of the two teams played.

“He is one epic dude,” the venue host said.

Otterbein SeniorLife says that age is “just a number” and the group is ready for their next fun experience.