DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Terror on Michigan State’s campus has only emphasized the need for training for similar events, such as the Oregon District mass shooting a few years ago.

The Dayton police officers have been recognized several times for their quick actions that night, preventing further loss of life. It takes a high amount of training to handle these types of scenes and a version of that training is happening this week in Dayton.

Dayton Police and Fire are working together and keeping a close eye on the developments out of Michigan.

“We certainly keep our eye on those particular incidents as they occur across the country, we watch them for developments just like everybody else does. And we try to figure out if there are any lessons learned. because if there is anything in incidents across the country that went well, we want to try to adopt those practices into our own operations, and if there is anything that could have gone a little bit better, at a certain incident, we want to pay attention to that as well.”

Training has been long scheduled for Dayton police and fire at the Dayton convention center, focusing on an event similar to what happened on the MSU campus.

Dayton Fire Captain Brad French says these simulations are scheduled regularly to keep police and fire prepared to be at their best when it matters most, something authorities in Michigan experienced firsthand this week.

“You don’t have to look far to see some pretty stark reminders across the country every day of some significant incidents whether it be an active shooter or other types of events like that are occurring, so even here in Dayton, it’s not too far in our minds of incidents that we’ve had and anything that we can do to kind of prepare- we’re going to do that.” Brad French, Dayton Fire Department Captain told us.

Training continues until February 23rd. During this time, authorities say you should expect a large law enforcement presence near the convention center.