KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Just a week after A White House official paid a visit to Brigid’s Path, we are now hearing from one of the mothers who has a newborn there getting treatment.

“She’s like what is going on. You are a little star!” said Ashley Evans, staring into the eyes of her baby girl, Olivia.

On the outside, you’re seeing a loving mother, holding her baby. However, on the inside, these two have struggled to overcome addiction.

Brigid’s Path is helping to bring this family back together.

I hid my addiction for 6-years by isolating myself and being alone. And for the first time in my life I’m not alone,” said Evans.

Olivia was born after her mother relapsed and got into a car accident.

Evans started on pain killers years ago when she broke her ankle and her mother died.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the mother-daughter duo. Evans prize for sobriety is cuddled up in her arms.

“I had the opportunity to have her be here. I had her moved from the NICU at Miami Valley. Brigid’s Path advocated huge on my behalf,” said Evans.

She explained that Olivia is getting more hands-on care at Brigid’s Path and it feels more like home. She has no problem leaving Olivia in their hands.

“It’s like Fort Knox. No one can get in or out without alarms going off. It makes me feel safe because I know she is safe and no one can come in here and take her,” said Evans.

Olivia will eventually leave Brigid’s Path and stay with another program until her mom completes treatment and is back on her feet.

Evans says this entire process has brought her closer to faith.

“My drug use drowned my faith out. My relationship with god dwindled every time I used.’

Evans credits her faith for getting her out of her darkest days.

Now that she’s clean, Evans feels like that connection is stronger than ever.

A connection that may not have been possible had it not been for the community supporting Brigid’s Path.

“Thank you. Honestly from the bottom of my heart. Without this. I would not be able to keep her and take care of her and have hope,” said Evans.

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