DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A team with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) handled a clean-up project in Preble County.

According to our partners at Eaton Register Herald, crews worked during a recent weekend to clean up an area on Camden-West Elkton Road in Somers Township. During the clean-up, over 10,000 scrapped tires were reportedly found in a tributary of Rush Run.

Our partners say the Assistant Director of Preble County Recycling, Beth Wright told the Preble County Commissioners on Monday, January 9 about the clean-up initiative occurring outside of Camden.

“Adam (Craft) sent me some pictures Friday of a clean-up that’s going on, on Camden-West Elkton Road,” Wright said. “I didn’t know about it prior to last week, and it’s pretty big actually.”

The clean-up project by the EPA in Preble County will not be costing money to Preble County or its municipalities. The property owner reportedly had applied for a “”No-Fault, or No Cost”” grant.

Wright says, “Well, apparently the resident had applied and there’s 10,000 plus tires.”

The EPA did not notify Preble County before or during their clean-up initiative, our partners say.