MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – Montgomery County said Thursday voters approved seven of ten property tax levies on the ballot Tuesday, renewing $79 million in current revenue and adding nearly $649,000 in new funding for local jurisdictions, according to Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith.

The ten levies asked voters to fund human services, road maintenance, first responders, parks and libraries. There were no school levies on Tuesday’s ballots, despite school districts being the primary recipient of property taxes in Montgomery County.

Of the six ballot issues that asked voters for new money, half passed. Keith said that is a higher passage rate than last November when only 20% of levies for additional funding were successful at the polls. This year, three new money levies passed:

  • An additional 1.65-mill levy in the City of Englewood will generate $477,000 a year for fire and EMS
  • In Jackson Township, voters approved a new 2.5-mill levy that will bring nearly $138,000 to the Jackson Northern Fire District
  • German Township voters approved a replacement parks and rec levy at a 0.5-mill rate that will take advantage of higher property values to bring-in an extra $34,000

Keith said three other levies for new money, which would have generated nearly $797,000 in new revenue, were rejected by voters:

  • A 3.85-mill Brookville road district levy would have generated about $474,000 annually
  • A 2.5-mill levy in Perry Township would have brought-in more than $300,000 for fire and EMS
  • A roads levy in Phillipsburg for 3 mills would have raised $22,000

“As we saw on Tuesday, each vote carries with it a tremendous amount of power. Two levies were rejected by fewer than 100 votes,” said Keith. “Ultimately, the voters determine the property tax rate, not the county auditor, the county treasurer, or the local jurisdictions.”
According to Keith, while voters rejected half of the levies asking for new money, they voted to pass each of the four renewal levies on Tuesday’s ballots. The largest of these, the Montgomery County Human Services levy, will continue to generate more than $73 million annually. These funds support a number of county functions, including public health, children services, addiction services and senior services. Voters also renewed a Washington-Centerville Library levy that brings-in $5.1 million a year, an Oakwood operating levy the generates $468,000 annually, and a Jackson Township police levy that generates $110,000 annually.

Renewal levies do not increase taxes, and are usually approved by voters, according to Keith. A renewal levy has not failed in Montgomery County since 2013, when voters rejected a 5.5 mill Jefferson Township Local School District levy on the November ballot.
The Election results are the unofficial final results released by the Montgomery County Board of Elections on Tuesday. The County Auditor’s office said all revenue estimates are based on current property values and assume a typical 95% tax collection rate.