DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A troubling nationwide trend is happening here in the Miami Valley: An increase in road rage incidents.

Montgomery County has seen the largest jump in the state in the past five years of road rage reports, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Drivers and OSP both say road conditions like construction zones heighten the issue, but it all starts with frustrated drivers.

“We’ve seen an increase over the last couple of years on average from 2018 to current,” Sgt. Tyler Ross of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said. “We’re seeing a little over 1,800 road rage incidences throughout the year, across the state of Ohio.”

Data shows there has been a 65 percent increase in road range incident in the past five years in Montgomery County, which was the biggest jump in the state, from 47 reports in 2018 to 117 reports in 2022.

Local drivers say they’re feeling that increase, and it makes driving a pain.

“I mean, I go the speed limit, and these people are just passing you on,” Michelle Terhaar, a local driver, said. “I had one coming back to the grocery store just a little while ago, pulled right in front of me, and he was supposed to stop. So, yeah, I hate it. It’s terrible.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says some of the reasons for the surge include the amount of ‘stop and go’ traffic in metropolitan areas, the return of drivers back to in person commutes after the pandemic, and the increase of construction sites.

Officials advise drivers to be patient and avoid engaging if ever faced with an angry driver.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol also suggests using ODOT’s OHGO app to better plan out your commute and to stay aware of construction and other delays.