MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN)– The 2022 Montgomery County’s Annual Tire Buy-Back event is looking to beat last year’s record of collecting 12,000, they think they just might.

Since 2014, Montgomery County’s Annual Tire Buy-Back event has repeatedly beaten the odds to clean up our neighborhoods. Some residents who dropped off tires Sunday say the cash incentive is nice, but more importantly, it’s time to take care of our county.

“They’re going to utilize these tires and basically recycle them, you know in some way form or fashion so it’s just giving back to the city man, I love my city,” said Resident Erricks Averette.

Averette dropped off a truckload of tires Sunday knowing his old tires won’t be dangerous to communities. The Montgomery County Environmental Services say the annual event has become a huge milestone in keeping the community safe.

“If you have tires that are collecting water, mosquitoes breed in standing water so getting that out of the environment helps and it allows growth of vegetation, grass can’t go if a bunch of tires are laying around,” said Public Information Officer Megan O’Leary.

Montgomery County residents are trading in their old tires for cash. Residents can earn $2 per tire at a max of 10 tires, an incentive that the county believes many residents don’t need to be responsible.

“That’s the incentive but I believe it’s a reflection of our citizens wanting to do the right thing for our community,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice. “I’ve faced that question myself, what to do with my tires, so this is the responsible way to do it.”

The tires will be taken down to Rumpke Waste and Recycling in Cincinnati to be shredded and re-purposed for things like playground materials.